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tv   Cleveland 19 News at 6PM  CBS  January 8, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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beth mccleod is all over it from the first alert weather center. >> beth: not bad out there right now drizzley spotlight rain pushing through and it won't be here all night long. 41 degrees and up a degree from last hour. can you see a little fog, a little haze and road spray action. technically overnight tonight we will increase the temperatures. we will start off tomorrow in the mid-40s. taking a live look at ford first alert doppler max and can you see the light rain showers really only confined to mentor, ashtabula counties scattered light rain showers and drizzle for just about everybody else. this is pushing out of here temperaturewise and we will do okay overnight. you don't have to worry about snow, light rain and some areas reporting light rain and cloudy skies. unfortunately, we are about ready to take a turn towards winter. our ford first alert outlook
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almost every single day in some sort of capacity. and we even have a little albert clipper making an appearance. i will show you some of the coldest temperatures we have seen yet. romona? >> romona: with the snow and messy forecast download the first alert weather forecast app and track live weather from your phone. and news out of mexico. el chapo guzman has been recaptured. he was on the run 7 months after escaping a maximum security prison. reports coming in he was apprehended after a shootout with mexican marines. five suspects were killed and one mexican marine wounded in the clash. much more on this story on the cbs evening news. >> mark: now to a family tragedy in wayne county. 24-year-old emily young, a mother of three murdered in her car. to make this story even more heartbreaking, her children were
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>> romona: as dani carlson explains, the suspect is the children. >> reporter: court documents going back months show a tumultuous relationship and restraining order saying wood and her children. woods is al alleged to have violated that order last night accused of shooting young in the face at this intersection in orrville as she sat in the car with the couple's kids in the back seat shooting and killing her. >> i think she is dead. i don't know. we heard shots fired. we need an ambulance. >> reporter: his cousin spoke about the tragedy. >> i don't like the disrespect monster. he was a human being and made a mistake. >> she is described as a loving and forgiving person and wanted to see the good in every person she met.
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girls under the age of 2 without a mother and father behind bars. >> romona: due to budget problems the canton fire department is closing three stations and more may be coming in the future. station 5 on west tuscarawas street on harr mont avenue and station 10 on vernon avenue will close. the chief says they are down over 20 paramedics and firefighters and there's not enough manpower. >> the danger is to the citizens of canton because response times will increase and also the firefighters responding because we have less firefighters. >> the people working at those stations will be moved to other departments. the future of other stations is uncertain. the chief says he will be working with the city. >> mark: more steel layoffs in lorain. 200 affected at republic steel. harry boomer has more painful
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lays off 261 employees. >> unfortunately, harry, it is not a good impact and once those two facilities and big revenue streams for the city of lorain like most communities and income taxes one of the revenue generators. >> politicians know it. our business. we have been slower the past few weeks i would say. >> reporter: business owners knew it and longtime residents of lorain know the reality of hundreds of jobs lost in this steel city. >> i think it will put a lot of business. that's a lot of people. >> it is a trickle down effect. we have a few family members that work over there. i haven't talked to them yet but the workforce keeps getting smaller and smaller there. >> reporter: republic steel announced they are laying off 200 people and the other steel giant usf steel in lorain is
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it is cutting 261 more jobs in the next few weeks and they are not coming back. we love low gas prices and there's an unintended consequence. >> if you ask anybody on the street today harry, is anybody going to be happy to see $2 or less of gas, unfortunately, this is one of the side effects. the pipe business is down and biggest product both plants provide. >> i am said the three-star restaurant in lorain. this is around lunchtime. look, all the seats are empty. losing jobs at republic steel and us steel is having an impact on the city. folks are hearty here and say they will survive. >> reporter: in lorain harry boomer, cleveland 19. >> mark: all right, harry. thank you. both large and small companies in the steel industry saw stocks spiral downward last year. lower manufacturing means less demand for steel. until manufacturing rebounds
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struggle. >> romona: in rocky river mark brelo pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct. his twin brother is michael brelo, he is the cleveland officer cleared in the deadly police shooting killing two people. both were originally charged with assault after they fought in may. michael previously has been found guilty of disorderly conduct. they both will have to pay fines. motion denied for the man accused of taking his 5-year-old son from alabama in 2002. hernandez and his son moved to cleveland and asked the court for visitation with the now 18-year-old and a judge said no this week. his son was reunited with his mother this month. >> akron police are investigating two murders at two different bars. first officers responded to the hi-de-ho lounge in vernon. someone walked in and shot and killed lentheric caldwell.
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an hour after that shooting forest ryan was shot and died after a shooting in triplet. the suspect robert jarvis took off and later turned himself in. he is charged with murder. >> cleveland city council joe sipperman is resigning in march after 18 years and joined us at 4:00 to tell us about his new job with global cleveland. >> even the g.o.p. decided cleveland is the number one city to come to. we have a real chance to show why the city is so great and attract and also for the people here. global cleveland is a nonprofit aimed to attract people from around the world to come to cleveland. city council will find a replacement. >> mark: spin the wheel. the browns continue to determine who it will land on. mark schwab joins us with the latest coaching candidates to meet with the browns.
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jerome henderson come on down. you are the next contestant on who will be the next head coach of cleveland browns. the team confirmed the interview with the dallas db coach. he is the 4th guy they have talked to and met with four men and one woman. jimmy haslam. d. brown and podesta and henderson has coached the dallas secondary for four seasons and before that that they held the same job in cleveland from 2009 to 2011. the 46-year-old has been in the nfl since 2006 and started as a front office man with the jets and fist guy they have talked to who is coaching experience is a position coach and they must have heard something about this guy that jumped out to them and linked to an interview in cincinnati and carolina. if they get it all in they will have at least six interviews under their belt headed into next week. romona? >> romona: the news could come
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you know the instant browns make a decision we will have it. we will have it in our cleveland 19 news app and tell us what you think on the social media pages. >> okay. if you care, where is johnny manziel these days. you never know where he may pop up. >> mark: he is right behind me, isn't he? >> he is around town and laying low but not so low he gets second glances wherever he goes. he was at dave and buster's wednesday night in westlake. and unlike the blonde wig wearing sighting in las vegas this was caught on camera. >> i asked him, i thought you had blonde hair and looked at me and smiled and said that's pretty good. you have a good night, buddy. i was like, you, too. >> no reports of any drinking, just johnny playing pool with some buddies and a guy impersonating matthew
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>> if i ran into johnny manziel somewhere, i would say hey, man, take a picture, talk to him and ask some questions and actually have legitimate questions. what's going on. >> romona: i don't legitimately care about him and ask about his help and check in somewhere and get some help. >> i would. i ain't afraid. okay. the powerball jackpot is at $800 million. up next, though, why it may be a lose. >> beth: cloudy skies at hopkins. we are actually up a degree. overnight we will gun, up, up just a little bit. temperatures for this weekend, though. we are warm saturday and start cooling it back down and go cold and sunday cold to extremely cold and then just plain awful weather coming our way.
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live from cleveland's newscenter driven by don joseph toyota in kent, this is cleveland 19 news. >> romona: just yesterday we told you the powerball jackpot was $700 million.
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>> mark: it jumped up to $800 million today or $495 million with the cash option half the gdp of the british virgin islands. even if you beat the odds you could end up losing. in 2002 jack whitaker hit the jackpot winning $315 million and years later his family life fell apart. he was arrested twice. abraham shakespeare of florida murdered after winning $30 million and just this week powerball winner marie holmes spent millions bailing out her boyfriend out of jail on weapons and drugs charges. that's the third time she's done that. >> romona: wow. >> once this person wins the lottery they are a global target and people across the world that put these people on a list to harass and try to sell bad investments and flat out try to take their money. >> attorney andrew stoltzman represented six people who have
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last year a study found 44% of lottery winners spend winnings within five years. the key may be to sharing some of the winning money. >> lots of people end up perfectly fine. people who struggle with it do things like quit their job, buy an island and move to it. >> the drawing is tomorrow night. we should point out tonight's mega millions is worth $165 million. if they want to do a study i want to try that live on an island and buy an island. >> romona: i volunteer to win the money and see how i do. >> mark: we are givers and we want to help society. >> a man who deserves a win. a united states marine wounded warriors presented him with a new ford f-150 super crew part of the mobility is freedom program. josh's left foot was amputated 2011.
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university of cincinnati after completing therapy for the foot. >> romona: great thing for them to do. a quick update on the traffic mess in cleveland. a water main break and one lane is open in both directions on chester and central. drivers can also turn onto east chester or east from chester now. crews are still working on repairs in the area. mark? >> mark: beth was explaining to me my weekend is minutes away. bless your heart. >> talk really fast. speed. how will my weekend be weatherwise? >> beth: saturday is your day. it will be cloudy. i don't want to you think my gosh sunshine and 50s. cloudy and 50s. how about that? >> mark: i can do. i will go for a run. >> beth: if you go too early you might get drizzle and light rain and not a big deal tomorrow morning. hour by hour tonight we will dry out. some of you have seen drier
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temperaturewise we are going up, up for the overnight. can you see scattered light rain showers throughout the overnight wrapping up around 6:00, 7:00 and transition to drizzle and not a lot of gray for saturday. doppler max dealing with rain showers through the downtown to the eastern portion of lake county and ashtabula and making driving home on the tricky side with road spray. future view showed showers getting out quickly and transitioning to some scatteredness and 4 a.m. on future view taking a look light in nature. 50/50 shot. something you get overnight. temperatures 40 degrees up a degree. 48 cincinnati and 55 in the tail part of indiana and that's what's coming our way. as a matter of fact, the rain and everything pushing towards the northeast. what we are left with is not a lot of scattered showers but
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it will be on the warm side and grayness until sunday afternoon where the snow and super cold air towards minneapolis is ultimately going to come our way for sunday. then we will deal with what really feels like winter or what we think of as winter. saturday 5 a.m. waking up to scattered rain showers on future view. cloudy skies throughout the early afternoon saturday and sunday. every now and then you see a blip of some rain and maybe a little drizzle. definitely nicer than a normal january day. overnight saturday into sunday we pick back up on rain showers. here is the cold front coming new sunday making its appearance at lunchtime on sunday. look at the divide here. rain towards lake and ashtabula snow showers move in because the cold air will be shocking. temperatures dive sunday and sunday night in the teens. we have not seen that this year. >> 40 degrees our low temperature.
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you can't rule it out and probably about midnight tonight. 37 for akron-canton. it is above average but talking scattered rain and wet ground in the 30s not super nice overnight. just easy to drive in. tomorrow first alert weather day starting with rain showers and transitions into snow and light accumulation and becomes lake-effect. sunday night into monday. monday morning's commute east side snowbelt heads up headed into the weekend and back to work might be tricky for you. everybody else seeing mostly cloudy day monday and turn downright uighurs tuesday. ford first alert weather day tuesday, wednesday snow, windy and high in the 20s and we could see this stack up. you guys ? >> romona: thank you, beth. tonight on cleveland 19 at 8:00 undercover boss: join us for cleveland 19 news at 11:00. mark? >> mark: up next, the latest on
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obviously one of many teams looking for a new guy. plus kevin love returns to the land of 10,000 lakes according to wikipedia 8:842 and that
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now this is the serpentini chevrolet sports report on cleveland 19 news. >> mark: runs finished interviewing jerome henderson. he is the 4th candidate they have talked to so far this off season. the first guy was adam gates one of four teams to interview him. miami wants him badly and said to be having a second interview with philly over the weekend and talked to the giants. also this week browns are supposed to talk to several people one of them a hot
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dolphins and 49ers asked permission to talk with him. i would not be spiced if others line up. he is a top candidate and browns have to fight to get him. this was surprising to me. browns offensive coordinator john defilippo and linked to st. louis and according to comcast he is interviewing with the niners to be their top guy. how is this making you feel worse about the 2014 draft, the guy browns could have picked, mack, named all pro at 2 positions defensive end and outside linebacker with 15 1/2 sacks including a five-sack game and browns decided to trade back and get justin gilbert. ray farmer, that's why you are fired. two big injuries for afc showdown.
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and a.j. mccarran getting the nod and hope to get the red rifle back next week and pittsburgh announced knell be without running back d'angelo williams hurting his ankle and will be on the third running back of the year. cavaliers in minnesota for second homecoming game for kevin love. that's out of the way. >> i would hope timberwolves fans give this guy a break. he didn't do what lebron did to the cavs. they got andrew wiggins out for star in the make. they should love, love. right. >> cavs and t-wolves fred and campaigning have the call on fox sports ohio. i want to see if kyrie scores a thousand tonight. >> romona: he has been awesome. >> mark: awesome sauce. >> romona: as long as i have been watching football i didn't know andy daulton was known as red rifle.
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>> this weekend saturday definitely is a nicer day than sunday. cloud cover, 53 saturday and start with rain sunday and temperatures take a nosedive all weekend long starting saturday
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monday we will deal with snow. >> mark: thank you for joining us at 6:00. the cbs evening news is next. >> romona: we hope to see you back at 11:00.
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